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Craig "CJ" Sanborn



Cathedral City Fire & EMS Operations Division is responsible for ensuring that all citizens, visitors, business owners, and city employees are served through an efficient and effective system of services designed to protect life, environment, and property. Part of this system includes staffing and maintaining 3 fire stations strategically located throughout the city. The Operations Division is responsible for overseeing many the departments programs to include but not limited to training, new recruitments, academies, apparatus maintenance, company inspection program, SCBA program, tools and equipment, and policy manual updates.

Cathedral City Fire & EMS when fully staffed is comprised of 36 sworn fire suppression members, 9 Ambulance operators, 3 Battalion Chiefs, and a Fire Chief. Cathedral City Fire & EMS operates A, B, and C shifts working a 48/ 96 work schedule and are each supervised by a Battalion Chief who report directly to the Fire Chief. The department personnel assigned to these shifts consist of Fire Captains, Fire Engineers, and Firefighters who are highly trained professionals who respond to 7,311 emergency calls for service annually.


In all aspects of our operations, the safety of our personnel and community remains paramount. We strive to maintain the highest standards of professionalism, adaptability, and excellence. Through proactive community engagement, ongoing education, and continuous improvement, we endeavor to minimize the impact of emergencies and foster a safer environment for all.

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