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Lynne Pivaroff



Fire prevention is a proactive method for reducing the likelihood of fire-based emergencies and lessening the damage caused by them. Examples of fire prevention activities and practices include development plans review, inspections, installation of smoke alarms, etc. The Cathedral City Fire & EMS, Prevention division is located at the Administrative Offices and works under the direction of the Fire Chief, overseen by the Fire Marshal to perform fire plan reviews and life safety inspections for new and existing businesses, multi-residential complexes, and mandated facilities. The Fire Marshal ensures compliance with California statutes and enforces the California Fire Prevention Code and any National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes adopted by the state of California or the City of Cathedral City. NFPA 1730 outlines the minimum inspection frequencies based on occupancy risk categories (high, moderate, or low). The authority having jurisdiction, or the City of Cathedral City, is responsible for determining the minimum resources, personnel, and equipment levels necessary to perform code enforcement and inspection activities.

The Cathedral City Fire & EMS, Fire Prevention Division, responsibilities include:

  • Prevention of fire and related emergency incidents through planning, inspections, enforcement, and education.

  • Elimination of fire and life safety hazards through inspection and code enforcement.

  • Review of site and development plans for new building construction and developments, including associated infrastructure.

  • Review of building design and fire suppression system plans for all new construction and remodels to ensure code compliance.

  • Enforcement of maintenance requirements of installed fire protection equipment and life safety systems.

  • All commercial buildings and multi-family residential complexes, containing new construction, must go through the permitting process. The Fire Prevention Division provides building plan review services for new and existing construction projects. Services provided include: review of the
    site, building and infrastructure designs, and the plans and installation process of automatic fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems to be built into the structure. The Fire Marshal’s office conducts the final inspection before allowing the business to open to the public and conduct business.

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