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Robert Williams, Jr.



Cathedral City Fire & EMS is an Advanced Life Support (ALS) first response and transporting agency within Riverside County, providing emergency medical services (EMS) to the residents, workers, and visitors of Cathedral City. The organization employs members with various EMS accreditations and licenses, including Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (EMT-B) and Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic (EMT-P). All members are required to maintain appropriate certification and/or license requirements as set forth by State (Cal EMSA) and County (REMSA) guidelines through on-site and external training facilities (REMSA Protocol 1207). EMS compliance standards are established in the Advanced Life Support (ALS) First Responder and ALS Emergency Ground Ambulance Transport Services Agreement by and Between the City of Cathedral City and County of Riverside (shall be referred to as the “Riverside County ALS Agreement”).

All Cathedral City Fire & EMS apparatus are staffed with ALS trained personnel and equipment. First response apparatus is staffed with three suppression personnel, with a minimum of two of those personnel being Riverside County accredited paramedics. Cathedral City Fire & EMS transport ambulances are also staffed with ALS trained personnel and equipment. Ambulances are staffed with two personnel. Ambulance staffing must include at least one Riverside County accredited paramedicand one suppression person. Any personnel not holding Riverside County paramedic accreditation must be a California certified EMT-B.

The Cathedral City Fire Dispatch Center provides emergency medical dispatch (EMD) services, categorizing medical calls based on severity to ensure that the appropriate number and types of resources are responding to each call for service. The minimum level of response to any emergency medical incident is three personnel, with at least two of these personnel being Riverside County accredited paramedics.

All aspects of Emergency Medical Services are continuously reviewed through a Continuous Quality Improvement Process.

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