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The Cathedral City Fireworks Program is open to 501c(3), (4) and (6) non-profit organizations based in Cathedral City.  Six booths are available each year.  Our ordinance relating to the Safe and Sane Program are available for download here

This year's program will require applications to be submitted between April 8 and April 11.  Please refer to the application instructions for details and important dates.

Have questions?  Give us a call at (760) 770-8200.

Please make this Fourth of July a safe holiday.

KEEP PETS INDOORS! Fireworks are terrifying to even the most relaxed animals, and they can continue to panic long after the celebration is over.


NEVER ALLOW CHILDREN TO HANDLE FIREWORKS.  It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase, be in possession of, or discharge fireworks of any type.


USE ONLY STATE FIRE MARSHAL APPROVED FIREWORKS.  The California State Fire Marshal has approved Safe and Sane Fireworks for use in areas where local ordinances permit.  Look for the Safe and Sane seal; if it's not on the packaging, it's illegal.

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Legal or Illegal...what's the difference?

If it explodes or leaves the ground, it is ILLEGAL in California

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